DynaQuest Named Among Top Blockchain Provider of 2019 by APAC CIO

DynaQuest included among the Top 10 Blockchain Technology Solutions Provider of 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook. BONIFACIO GLOBAL CITY TAGUIG, NATIONAL CAPITAL REGION, PHILIPPINES, May 13, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — DynaQuest Technology Services Inc (DQTSI) has been named as among the top 10 Blockchain Technology Solution Providers of 2019 by APAC CIO Outlook. The annual Top 10 Blockchain Solutions Provider […]


DynaQuest Upskills First Batch of Developers with Blockchain Certifications

The process of getting developers certified and ready for Blockchain is the first step of upskilling the company’s IT & Development teams. Bonifacio Global City Taguig, 2018 – The first batch of developers by DynaQuest Technology Services Inc (DQTSI) has finished their training and certification under the NEM Blockchain platform last year. Known as the […]

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How Blockchain Will Further Modernize Insurance Process Efficiency

Blockchain has been a transformative platform in the world of insurance as its premise of security, optimal processes and automating otherwise cumbersome knowledge based processes have been proven to be the next phase of the industry’s continued modernization under technology. While large consortia have developed and leveraged Blockchain through use cases, the focus of Blockchain […]


How Close is the Healthcare Overhaul with Blockchain?

Researchers have accounted many researches, studies and use cases of Blockchain in healthcare and have surmised that the impending Blockchain revolution  is closer than we think. According to the research paper “Geospatial blockchain: promises, challenges, and scenarios in health and healthcare”, published by joint researchers associated with universities in Scotland, the UK, and the US, […]

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Importance of Research for Blockchain in Healthcare

The early success of Blockchain is because of the collective effort by groups of companies known as consortiums, which have since banded together in mutual research & development to propel Blockchain’s capabilities in real applications. These real applications are known as Use Cases where each successful use case demonstrates Blockchain’s capability to deliver enhanced information […]

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How the United States is Bracing for Blockchain Disruption in Healthcare

The current state of Electronic Health Records (EHR) information systems in the United States is due for disruption because of the emergence of Blockchain as it is looming to overhaul EHR’s processing capabilities, therefore granting vital health information to be delivered in real-time, with improved accuracy, and are more secured as well as tamper-proof. This […]

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Variables Holding Back Enterprises on Enabling Blockchain

Blockchain features deep cryptography and irrevocable transactions as its main proponents for security. Like all architecture, the discovery of vulnerabilities is a step in the positive direction in order to further strengthen Blockchain’s security and overall reliability. One of the ongoing concerns over Blockchain’s architecture as a launch pad for covert attacks is its participating […]


Blockchain in Insurance: Effects Moving Forward

Blockchain’s impact on the Insurance industry is at a stage where the possibilities of drastic reduction of inefficiencies and improve the expense ratios are budding at the doorstep. While at this stage, Blockchain can be seen as a massive overhaul of the insurance industry, but basing on the early use cases of consortiums, the impact […]

Manila Blockchain Conference 2018 (1)

DynaQuest in the Manila Blockchain Conference 2018

  March 16, 2018, Diamond Hotel, Metro Manila Philippines – The concept of Blockchain and its core feature of self-processing transactions with greater efficiency, is rapidly gaining steam in terms of awareness and adoption. With Blockchain, a number of processes utilized under a block of established paths are automated to function as a chain unit […]