Blockchain on Insurance: Finding Harmony in the Tangle and Disruption

The insurance industry is as old as the time when shipping from Europe to the new world was the furnace that kept the European economy churning. Merchants and their staff of underwriters would draft manuscripts that contained premiums and policies that detail the risks, the manifest and the principle understanding of the terms involved in […]

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How Blockchain Will Further Modernize Insurance Process Efficiency

Blockchain has been a transformative platform in the world of insurance as its premise of security, optimal processes and automating otherwise cumbersome knowledge based processes have been proven to be the next phase of the industry’s continued modernization under technology. While large consortia have developed and leveraged Blockchain through use cases, the focus of Blockchain […]

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Automation and Blockchain = Transforming Insurance Claims by Elimination

The insurance industry has seen technologies come and go, from the early days of the intranet and private computers that exist to process information into data. Today, these technologies have since been retired as the intranet has given way to today’s complex internet structure while private computers have moved past its bulky format into thousands […]


The Transformative Effect of Blockchain on Insurance

The potential of Blockchain in the insurance industry is based on optimization and efficiency of the entire insurance process. In reshaping the insurance industry for the better, Blockchain is changing the process from the ground up by allowing automation when it comes to the transfer of value, Blockchain’s immutable record capabilities and autonomous transfer process […]


Blockchain in Insurance: Effects Moving Forward

Blockchain’s impact on the Insurance industry is at a stage where the possibilities of drastic reduction of inefficiencies and improve the expense ratios are budding at the doorstep. While at this stage, Blockchain can be seen as a massive overhaul of the insurance industry, but basing on the early use cases of consortiums, the impact […]

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Blockchain As a Service: Democratizing Blockchain

When an organization has decided that a Blockchain system will be beneficial to the business by means of a comprehensive study involving cost-benefit scenarios and a much improved business delivery rate as an ideal concept, the only part left is to build the actual Blockchain and it is no easy feat considering Blockchain’s architecture. The […]


State of Blockchain in the Philippines and the Leading Nations of Asia

Blockchain is the engine that powers cryptocurrency economies and their respective Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). As the demand for coins and cryptocurrency exchange soared, regulations among the many leading nations of Asia were quick to scramble delay orders in order to slow the superlative expansion of coins in an effort to place a semblance of […]