How Blockchain Can Accelerate Local Economic Development

Despite the pandemic, the Blockchain industry is continuing its march to its main goal of transforming industries and large-scale economic participation through the vision of an unprecedented industrial efficiency. As for the concept of the “Great Reset” championed by the World Economic Forum on reimagining the purpose of technology in helping sustainable and ethical capitalism, […]


Blockchain on Insurance: Identity Management over Healthcare Blockchain

The finance and healthcare sectors greatly benefit from the initiatives integrated with blockchain. Being a secure platform to transfer money and sensitive data, many institutions have sought the help of impact technologies to streamline their processes. To be more specific, blockchain, being a form of distributed ledger technology, helps in lowering costs, integrate faster transactions, […]


Blockchain on Insurance: Finding Harmony in the Tangle and Disruption

The insurance industry is as old as the time when shipping from Europe to the new world was the furnace that kept the European economy churning. Merchants and their staff of underwriters would draft manuscripts that contained premiums and policies that detail the risks, the manifest and the principle understanding of the terms involved in […]


DynaQuest Upskills First Batch of Developers with Blockchain Certifications

The process of getting developers certified and ready for Blockchain is the first step of upskilling the company’s IT & Development teams. Bonifacio Global City Taguig, 2018 – The first batch of developers by DynaQuest Technology Services Inc (DQTSI) has finished their training and certification under the NEM Blockchain platform last year. Known as the […]


What Blockchain Can Offer Small to Medium Insurance Providers

The movers in Blockchain in the insurance industry are the titans that are operating in a global scale. While the responders and early adopters also comprise of the subsidiaries and partners of these insurance giants that are the first to experience Blockchain’s transformative effect. In the track record of technology, it is the small and […]

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How Blockchain Will Further Modernize Insurance Process Efficiency

Blockchain has been a transformative platform in the world of insurance as its premise of security, optimal processes and automating otherwise cumbersome knowledge based processes have been proven to be the next phase of the industry’s continued modernization under technology. While large consortia have developed and leveraged Blockchain through use cases, the focus of Blockchain […]

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Automation and Blockchain = Transforming Insurance Claims by Elimination

The insurance industry has seen technologies come and go, from the early days of the intranet and private computers that exist to process information into data. Today, these technologies have since been retired as the intranet has given way to today’s complex internet structure while private computers have moved past its bulky format into thousands […]

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How Disruptive Technologies are Changing the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has one of the most resource demanding processes in order to complete a cycle that defines a completed transaction. In this case, an insurance application was successfully filed and stored — but at the cost of time, personnel collaboration and paperwork. Now imagine tens of thousands of insurance applications and claims being […]


The Transformative Effect of Blockchain on Insurance

The potential of Blockchain in the insurance industry is based on optimization and efficiency of the entire insurance process. In reshaping the insurance industry for the better, Blockchain is changing the process from the ground up by allowing automation when it comes to the transfer of value, Blockchain’s immutable record capabilities and autonomous transfer process […]