The Specialized Solutions Provider

We combine full-scale development capabilities
of decentralized architecture with smart outsourcing
to design the future of business and economies.


DynaQuest is an award-winning Philippines-based IT & blockchain solutions provider that delivers customized and flexible solutions across the industries of enterprise, fintech, healthtech, insurtech, and commerce. The company focuses on the deployment of solutions that help businesses improve their efficiency, IT capabilities, security and risk management through technical outsourcing and specialized recruitment of dedicated virtual specialist to help enterprises.

Founded in 2012, DynaQuest has focused on emerging technologies as its innovation in the delivery of solutions. The company eventually focused in the design, engineering and deployment of blockchain and decentralized economies in helping businesses navigate the transformation, finding value, discover new opportunities and define innovation amidst the disruption.

APAC CIO Outlook

Top 10 Blockchain Solutions Provider in Asia & Pacific of 2019


Top Blockchain Achiever Award of 2019




Finalist on Blockchain Leadership: Entrepreneurship


Circle of Excellence 2020


Technology Company of the Year Finalist


Best Emerging Markets Blockchain Solutions 2021 – Philippines


The Future

In the new decade of the 2020s, DynaQuest will continue to research, develop use case and innovate its services and solutions offering in order to help our existing and future clients keep in pace with the innovation lifecycle of technology platforms. Today and the future, emerging and impact technologies will be our focus.



Responsive Vertical Timeline

DynaQuest Technology Services, Inc. (DQTSI)
was established by CEO Randy Knutson in Makati, Philippines.
The focus will be on BPO primarily while observing how the
emerging technologies will affect the shared services market.

Acquisition of Clients

Using his connections and network, Randy was able to
successfully pitch and welcome onboard clients with BPO.

Pivot to Health Information

The expansion and strategic re-alignment of DynaQuest
to the Health Information Management industry
by offering outsourcing.

Focused on Client Retention

With the existing clients on BPO, DynaQuest focused on accounts
retention through heavy focus on performance and KPI.

Health Information Contracts

Through marketing, networking and consultation, DynaQuest was
able to acquire clients through Health Information Outsourcing,
providing medical coding, outcomes support and
remote doctors over the phone for a shipping line.

Insurance and InsurTech

DynaQuest was also preparing to service the Insurance
market consisting of small to medium insurance companies
in the United States.

Early Focus on Blockchain

DynaQuest and Randy Knutson have been forming alliances and
building up the blockchain network to identify partners.

Partnership with MVP Advisory Group

DynaQuest has formed a partnership with the MVP Advisory Group
to service the digital transformation market of insurers. DynaQuest
provided guidewire development services while MVP focused on
executive-level engagement.

Blockchain Entry

DynaQuest started its full-venture into blockchain by
developing its hybrid prototypes to offer for insurance,
healthcare and fintech across the disruption market.

Blockchain Activities

DynaQuest was part of the founding members of the
Philippine Blockchain Association, and the company has been
upskilling its developers with blockchain-related certifications
on development and solutions engineering.

Blockchain Entry

DynaQuest has launched its blockchain prototype across
industries while pioneering Digital Identities through the
Caraga Convergence Initiative as its primary tech partner.

Design of New Economies

The company is working in numerous blockchain projects and
the design of decentralized economies.


Randy Knutson - Founder & CEO

Randy is the Founder & CEO of DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., an award-winning provider of innovative blockchain solutions for emerging markets. With over 35 years of experience in managing enterprise technology operations from startups to global companies, Randy’s expertise is focused on transforming enterprises and economies with technology. He is passionate about finding digital solutions for the inclusive, sustainable and economic development of communities that have been underserved, left behind or forgotten.

Shortly after graduating from Utah State University, Randy was on the founding team of the first commercial artificial intelligence expert system that automated the consulting process to assist small- and medium-sized businesses on how to computerize their operations.

Following the initial startup experience, over the next three decades, Randy had a successful career in financial services working in the technology area of insurance and banking. His roles as a regional CIO and global CTO include managing enterprise adoption of information systems, mobile communications and internet applications across multi-national operations in global strategy.

Driven by his experience and vision on how technology can reshape business and commerce, Randy then founded DynaQuest in 2013. Under his firm leadership and clear direction, he first grew the business into a successful startup, and then strategically repositioned the company from a traditional BPO and IT Solutions organization to an award-winning blockchain solutions provider for emerging markets. He is known in the Asia-Pacific IT and Shared Services industry as an innovator and enabler of emerging technology for economic transformation.

Gail Macapagal - Country Director

A BPO Executive with over 17 years of experience in the BPO and Fintech industry that extends to the management of shared services campaigns such as telecommunications, banking and health information. Gail’s industry membership includes the IT and Business Process Association of the Philippines (IBPAP), Healthcare Information Management Association of the Philippines (HIMAP) and the Philippine Blockchain Association; where Gail takes a careful, and balanced, active membership participation when it comes to planning industry-wide growth and the use of new technologies as an innovation initiative.

Having been recognized as among the ‘Top Philippine Women Blockchain Influencers of 2019’, Gail’s strategic management has helped promote blockchain locally and advertised the Philippines’ blockchain & tokenomic capabilities to the regions of North America, Europe and Asia & the Pacific.