EC Outlined European Digital Identity Vision

In a post pandemic world, government and organization spending on biometrics that are tied-in on digital identities are on the rise. Recently, the European Commission has outlined their vision for the development and implementation of digital identities that are envisioned to be accepted and legally recognized throughout the European Union. EURACTIV, obtained the documents and […]


DynaQuest Named To Circle of Excellence for Asia CEO Awards 2020 – Sprout Solutions Technology Company of the Year Finalist

September 24, 2020 – Manila Philippines – DynaQuest Technologies Services Inc., has been named to the Circle of Excellence for the Asia CEO Awards 2020 and the company has also made the finalist category under the Sprout Solutions Technology Company of the Year. The Asia CEO Awards will culminate on October 13, 2020 where the […]


United Kingdom Charts Next Steps for Digital Identity

Digital Identity is a technology that is said to further reinforce public safety while giving citizens the stewardship of managing their self-sovereignty. The United Kingdom is charting the next step for its national use of digital identity to reinforce the individual’s irrevocable identity while giving the citizens the means to instantly verify their identity claims […]


Blockchain Adoption Accelerates Despite Pandemic

It can be said that disruption is one of the best drivers for innovation. In this case, the global pandemic and its adverse effect on the global economy. Despite the huge setbacks suffered by global industries, the people, processes and technology platforms have learned to adjust and work with the environment in order to push […]


Mobey Forum States Banks Need to Adopt Digital Identities for KYC

The Finance industry generally handles identities and verification in its day to day activities. Whether it’s insurance or simple bank transactions, there is always a step that involves verification. However, there are loopholes in the system from time to time, especially during verification, making the industry prone to identity fraud. In addition to this, there […]


Randy Knutson Named as Finalist in Enterprise Blockchain Awards 2020

June 24, 2020 – Randy Knutson, DynaQuest CEO and Founder was named as a finalist by the Enterprise Blockchain Awards (EBA) 2020 that is organized by Blockchain Revolution Global. Knutson, a certified Blockchain Expert is a finalist under the category of Blockchain Leadership for Entrepreneurship. Known for his expertise in enterprise IT governance, applications of […]


Blockchain Adoption is Accelerating Faster Across the Globe in Different Industries

In today’s situation, people are restricted from leaving their homes. There are already countries that loosened their protocols, while there are other areas that still require quarantine protocols. With this, online shopping, money transfers, and deliveries are increasing. The COVID-19 pandemic opened more loopholes in the system. Organizations needed to take a step back and […]


Australia’s Digital Identity Comes Up with FinTech Collaborations

The digital transformation is the next step not only for businesses and industries but also for countries as a whole. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, brought in many opportunities to streamline the process and provide secured access. As for Australia, its technological move is to make access to government services simple, easy and secured with […]