Australia’s Digital Identity Comes Up with FinTech Collaborations

The digital transformation is the next step not only for businesses and industries but also for countries as a whole. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, brought in many opportunities to streamline the process and provide secured access. As for Australia, its technological move is to make access to government services simple, easy and secured with […]


Economic Identities: Inclusive Growth and Better Value for Money

This article was first published on BitPinas: Economic Identities: Inclusive Growth and Better Value for Money How economic identities in the Blockchain can foster inclusive economic growth and better value for money despite economic challenges In my last article, I described Digital Identities over the Blockchain and why it matters as we approach a Blockchain-enabled future, and briefly […]

blockchain as a service

Blockchain As a Service: Democratizing Blockchain

When an organization has decided that a Blockchain system will be beneficial to the business by means of a comprehensive study involving cost-benefit scenarios and a much improved business delivery rate as an ideal concept, the only part left is to build the actual Blockchain and it is no easy feat considering Blockchain’s architecture. The […]


State of Blockchain in the Philippines and the Leading Nations of Asia

Blockchain is the engine that powers cryptocurrency economies and their respective Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). As the demand for coins and cryptocurrency exchange soared, regulations among the many leading nations of Asia were quick to scramble delay orders in order to slow the superlative expansion of coins in an effort to place a semblance of […]

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Blockchain: The Silent Revolution within Banking and Finance

As the old saying goes: “Money makes the world go round”. The modern economy is dictated by the influx and fluctuation of money into domestic markets. Any disruption coming from movements within hedge funds, capital markets and local trading; sends ripples across the global financial market. History tells us that the succession of technology utilized […]