Blockchain and Humanitarian: Documenting the Invisible People

The disruptive nature of Blockchain is going beyond business and is at the forefront of reshaping humanitarian efforts by providing an essential platform to manage identities, streamline the traceable distribution of aid and enabling direct patronage to person transactions. When technology such as Blockchain is changing the world for the better, then we can see […]

blockchain humanitarian

Blockchain for Humanitarian Aid Programs

The rise of Bitcoin is changing commerce as we know it. Through cryptocurrencies, consumers or companies are given an alternative way to pay for assets, items and services. Not long after, Blockchain has been repurposed and outfitted across the industries of healthcare, insurance, real estate and logistics. Blockchain is seen as the next evolution of […]

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Automation and Blockchain = Transforming Insurance Claims by Elimination

The insurance industry has seen technologies come and go, from the early days of the intranet and private computers that exist to process information into data. Today, these technologies have since been retired as the intranet has given way to today’s complex internet structure while private computers have moved past its bulky format into thousands […]

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How Disruptive Technologies are Changing the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has one of the most resource demanding processes in order to complete a cycle that defines a completed transaction. In this case, an insurance application was successfully filed and stored — but at the cost of time, personnel collaboration and paperwork. Now imagine tens of thousands of insurance applications and claims being […]


The Transformative Effect of Blockchain on Insurance

The potential of Blockchain in the insurance industry is based on optimization and efficiency of the entire insurance process. In reshaping the insurance industry for the better, Blockchain is changing the process from the ground up by allowing automation when it comes to the transfer of value, Blockchain’s immutable record capabilities and autonomous transfer process […]