Blockchain on Insurance: Identity Management over Healthcare Blockchain

The finance and healthcare sectors greatly benefit from the initiatives integrated with blockchain. Being a secure platform to transfer money and sensitive data, many institutions have sought the help of impact technologies to streamline their processes. To be more specific, blockchain, being a form of distributed ledger technology, helps in lowering costs, integrate faster transactions, […]


Blockchain on Insurance: Finding Harmony in the Tangle and Disruption

The insurance industry is as old as the time when shipping from Europe to the new world was the furnace that kept the European economy churning. Merchants and their staff of underwriters would draft manuscripts that contained premiums and policies that detail the risks, the manifest and the principle understanding of the terms involved in […]

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How Disruptive Technologies are Changing the Insurance Industry

The insurance industry has one of the most resource demanding processes in order to complete a cycle that defines a completed transaction. In this case, an insurance application was successfully filed and stored — but at the cost of time, personnel collaboration and paperwork. Now imagine tens of thousands of insurance applications and claims being […]