Beyond Hype: How Does Blockchain Figure in the Enterprise Innovation Lifecycle

Technology is dictated by its cycle of succession of platforms where one piece of technology succeeds an ageing technology. The predecessor technology has outlived its heyday as the enterprise must discard it in favor of a successor. The successor technology is designed to be better, more efficient and is built with functions that are deemed […]


How Educational Unlocks Blockchain Innovation and Adoption

The decision to introduce Blockchain into the core of the enterprise operations is based on a scholarly, methodological and scientific research contingency. This encompasses the firm decision making of knowing Blockchain’s core technology, its enterprise benefits and its transformative effect as a foundational technology for the business. The first step in Blockchain adoption is utilizing […]


Blockchain and Healthcare: Leveraging Free-Flowing Data and IoT

On one side of the table you have Blockchain, the self-processing capable architecture that has been widely adopted in the healthcare sector. Through successful use cases, Blockchain in healthcare has enabled better electronic health records (EHR), smart contracts for health insurance  and alternative mode sof payments for medical services through cryptocurrency. On the other side […]

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Variables Holding Back Enterprises on Enabling Blockchain

Blockchain features deep cryptography and irrevocable transactions as its main proponents for security. Like all architecture, the discovery of vulnerabilities is a step in the positive direction in order to further strengthen Blockchain’s security and overall reliability. One of the ongoing concerns over Blockchain’s architecture as a launch pad for covert attacks is its participating […]

dynaquest medical and dental mission

DynaQuest Successfully Hosted Medical and Dental Mission

DynaQuest and partners have successfully hosted a medical and dental mission for the benefit of children and their parents under the Humaniity Foundation. July 14, 2018 DynaQuest Technology Services inc. (DynaQuest) hosted a medical and dental mission lead by two doctors, two dentists and three registered nurses that will examine the current state of health […]


Blockchain in Insurance: Effects Moving Forward

Blockchain’s impact on the Insurance industry is at a stage where the possibilities of drastic reduction of inefficiencies and improve the expense ratios are budding at the doorstep. While at this stage, Blockchain can be seen as a massive overhaul of the insurance industry, but basing on the early use cases of consortiums, the impact […]

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DynaQuest Continuously Supports the Efforts of the Humanility Foundation

DynaQuest remains committed in support of Humanility’s advocacy of supporting and empowering impoverished children through programs based on nourishment, food drives, shelter and educational support in order to change their quality of life, thereby securing a much brighter future. July 09, 2018 For three straight years, DynaQuest Technology Services Inc. (DynaQuest) remains committed in support […]

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How Blockchain Banking and Finance Will Help the Unbanked in the Philippines

Banking in the Philippines is a fragmented institution where the primary banks with the best commercial and financial services are concentrated in the capital city of Metro Manila.  The Philippine archipelago that is comprised of over seven thousand islands present a challenge to local banks in terms of consistently maintaining their quality of service across […]