Blockchain Adoption Accelerates Despite Pandemic

It can be said that disruption is one of the best drivers for innovation. In this case, the global pandemic and its adverse effect on the global economy. Despite the huge setbacks suffered by global industries, the people, processes and technology platforms have learned to adjust and work with the environment in order to push […]


Enterprise Blockchain in the 2020s Faster Adoption Times

Although blockchain technology is still in the nascent stage by most standards, it has nevertheless matured significantly. Enterprise blockchain, in particular, refers to a blockchain network designed for enterprise-level use as it can sufficiently meet enterprise-level demands. The interest in and implementation of blockchain technology by large companies such as Facebook, Microsoft, IBM, Walmart, and FedEx, among […]


Beyond Hype: How Does Blockchain Figure in the Enterprise Innovation Lifecycle

Technology is dictated by its cycle of succession of platforms where one piece of technology succeeds an ageing technology. The predecessor technology has outlived its heyday as the enterprise must discard it in favor of a successor. The successor technology is designed to be better, more efficient and is built with functions that are deemed […]


How Educational Unlocks Blockchain Innovation and Adoption

The decision to introduce Blockchain into the core of the enterprise operations is based on a scholarly, methodological and scientific research contingency. This encompasses the firm decision making of knowing Blockchain’s core technology, its enterprise benefits and its transformative effect as a foundational technology for the business. The first step in Blockchain adoption is utilizing […]