Bataan Province, Philippines, June 2023 – Blockchain technology has emerged as a powerful global disruptor, revolutionizing key business processes and information systems. Its impact spans across diverse sectors such as agriculture, finance, healthcare, and the integration of emerging technologies. This transformative technology has reshaped economies and industries, paving the way for the next era of industrial automation.

To consolidate the global understanding of Blockchain, its mechanics, and its profound influence on industries and processes, the Bataan Public-Private Partnership and Investment Center, in collaboration with DynaQuest Technology Services Inc., proudly presents the Bataan Blockchain Fundamentals and Innovation Workshop. This two-day event aims to reintroduce the concept of Blockchain, elucidate its fundamental functionalities, and showcase its real-world applications that drive innovation across various industries.

Innovation Forward

“As we enter the heart of the 2020s, the landscape of business and society is being reshaped by transformative technologies like Blockchain and its counterparts such as Artificial Intelligence,” remarked Randy Knutson, the CEO and Founder of DynaQuest. “Through collaborations with local governments and partners in Bacolod, Caraga, and the Department of Information and Communications Technology’s (DICT) TechTrends: Blockchain series, we have been actively raising awareness about Blockchain among mainstream businesses. Our information sessions and whitepapers have captured the evolving use cases of Blockchain, empowering local organizations to take their first steps into this revolutionary technology.”

On the second day of the workshop, a Breakout Session was conducted, providing participants with an opportunity to apply their newfound knowledge and delve deeper into key topics. These discussions included exploring the application of Blockchain in tax collection, harnessing its potential in Digital Identity solutions, and evaluating its contributions to the economy. Participants were encouraged to share their insights and informed perspectives, facilitating a dynamic exchange of ideas.

Participation and Innovation

“The Breakout session witnessed enthusiastic participation, with each of the four groups presenting diverse perspectives on the application of Blockchain within hypothetical scenarios relevant to local industries. Each group highlighted the advantages and identified the barriers that must be overcome,” shared Gail Cruz-Macapagal, the second speaker and presenter at the two-day workshop. Her presentation focused on the practical application of Blockchain in business and its various use cases. Gail emphasized, “Identifying barriers to adoption and formulating solutions to address such challenges is what drives innovation forward.”

The workshop’s primary objective is to educate and empower attendees, fostering a creative and innovative mindset. Mark Talahiban, DynaQuest’s Senior Technology Advisor, highlighted the accessibility and deployment of Blockchain over the years. He stated, “Blockchain has become more accessible and readily deployable. With platforms like Blockchain as a Service (BSaaS) and Blockchain licenses, enterprises and startups can leverage pre-built Blockchain architectures to initiate their own innovative projects.”

The workshop aims to provide participants with the necessary knowledge and tools to embrace Blockchain technology and explore its potential for driving innovation across various sectors.

DynaQuest would like to thank the Bataan Public-Private Partnership and Investment Center for making the workshop possible. Special thanks to Hon. Governor Joet Garcia, Bokal Popoy Del Rosario, Bokal Tonyboy Roman, Paul Salpatan of FAB, Rico Pineda from the Office of Congressman Abet Garcia, Bataan Public-Private Partnership and Investment Center Committee headed by Abul Khayr Alonto, BJ Banzon (Bataan ICT Council President), PGB Legal Team, PGB Department Heads, and DICT.