Facebook’s Novi: A Potential Digital Currency Gold Mine

The emergence of digital currencies opened new doors for customers and businesses. It showed that they could exchange goods and services through cryptocurrency. Despite only existing online and not regulated by the government, cryptocurrency is widely used today. Several organizations already integrated it into their payment options. Some companies also created digital wallets for such […]


Master Card Joins ID2020 Alliance

The ID2020 Alliance already has an impressive roster, ranging from global companies and research firms to legal services and even non-profit organizations. These organizations are known for their respective fields and have a huge influence. Despite being in different industries, all of the members have the same goal: to close the identity gap through the integration of digital […]


Australia’s Digital Identity Comes Up with FinTech Collaborations

The digital transformation is the next step not only for businesses and industries but also for countries as a whole. Emerging technologies, such as blockchain, brought in many opportunities to streamline the process and provide secured access. As for Australia, its technological move is to make access to government services simple, easy and secured with […]


Importance of Digital Identity Verification after the Pandemic

A report from the Federal Trade Commission noted an increase in incidents of identity theft and digital fraud. Such incidents include attacks that took advantage of the current coronavirus pandemic situation. Unfortunate events like these underscore the importance of putting in place better digital identity verification solutions sooner rather than later.   It is painful […]