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How Blockchain Powered Remittance and Wallet Could Change Charity

The mobilization of financial aid and cash donation to the underprivileged, disaster struck areas and ethnic minority communities remain a challenge for NGOs that are working diligently. The process is full of stoppage in terms of financial verification, accounting, release and distribution of funds across finance channels. However, the process stands as a necessity in […]


MegaPhone Social Active Participation – (#HackSociety 2018 Entry)

This article was first published on Rappler Currently, when conditions are dire, and time is of the essence, both communications and distribution channels experience disruption. This is costly and significantly hampers the coordination of various working groups that are responding to the situation. Factors such as conflict, hostility, weather, geography and shortages are variables that […]


Digital Identity Management for NGOs using Blockchain (#HackSociety 2018 Entry)

This Post Was First Published on Rappler Currently, there are people around the world, including our ethnic communities in the Philippines that don’t have an identity yet, in terms of not having a birth certificate or any type of official government registration. Often, this lack of official identity extends to adulthood, creating complications with school […]