blockchain in healthcare

How Blockchain Boosts Healthcare

By 2022, the India’s healthcare sector will be worth at an estimated $372 billion, but the cost of delivering healthcare related services to a still growing population of 1.35 people is deemed insufficient. The country’s healthcare and pharmaceutical sector are ranked number 3 when classified under the categories of manufacturing capabilities and providing employment, but […]


How Close is the Healthcare Overhaul with Blockchain?

Researchers have accounted many researches, studies and use cases of Blockchain in healthcare and have surmised that the impending Blockchain revolution  is closer than we think. According to the research paper “Geospatial blockchain: promises, challenges, and scenarios in health and healthcare”, published by joint researchers associated with universities in Scotland, the UK, and the US, […]

blockchain in healthcare

Potential and Risks of Blockchain in Health Information

The future of Healthcare when it comes to embedded technology as a platform involves Blockchain and its benefits. With Blockchain and its broad capabilities of automation, data processing capabilities and security features towards healthcare, the future is both bright and yet unclear just beyond the conventional knowledge about Blockchain. The concept of Blockchain when it […]

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Importance of Research for Blockchain in Healthcare

The early success of Blockchain is because of the collective effort by groups of companies known as consortiums, which have since banded together in mutual research & development to propel Blockchain’s capabilities in real applications. These real applications are known as Use Cases where each successful use case demonstrates Blockchain’s capability to deliver enhanced information […]

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How the United States is Bracing for Blockchain Disruption in Healthcare

The current state of Electronic Health Records (EHR) information systems in the United States is due for disruption because of the emergence of Blockchain as it is looming to overhaul EHR’s processing capabilities, therefore granting vital health information to be delivered in real-time, with improved accuracy, and are more secured as well as tamper-proof. This […]